Constructive Alps Exhibition debuted in HZ
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2021-05-07 14:33   Source:Hangzhoufeel

Brought by the Consulate General of Switzerland in Shanghai and hosted by Hangzhou K-lab, the Constructive Alps Exhibition made its appearance in the Yangtze River Delta for the first time.

Attendees featured throughout the exhibition on May 6 included government officials and media personnel. They were offered with an immersive experience by scanning the QR code for some of the most sustainable projects located throughout the Alps, from diverse usages such as "social dimension" and "historical substance", to the planning behind them that illustrates the true wisdom in technological innovation and building in harmony with nature. The projects were awarded in Switzerland by an international jury in the "Constructive Alps Architecture Prize" from 2010 to 2020.

Olivier Zehnder, Consul General of Switzerland in Shanghai pointed out that the exhibition coming to the China, especially to regions of mountains like Hangzhou, aims to demonstrate that both sides are committed to combating climate change, and reducing carbon production through innovative and traditional construction.

Despite the historical differences, Switzerland and Hangzhou enjoy their dynamism and innovative spirit. Both sides have the will to improve for the environment and take responsibility for future generation.

“Housing accounts for a substantial part in the global carbon emission. China has achieved huge progress in infrastructure and urban design.” Addressed Olivier Zehnder.

Thanks to technological innovation like solar panel and using traditional materials like wood in an innovative way, existing buildings could be revitalized, like the buildings in exhibition and K-lab itself.

K-lab, which is conceptualized as knowledge city, makes perfect settings for work, and leisure activities that balance one’s life, further boosting productivity.

Olivier Zehnder called for students from universities in Zhejiang to visit the exhibition in K-lab which will run until May 10.

Author:  Editor:Zhang Di