Hangzhou e-sports club measures teens' pro prospects
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2021-04-26 15:51   Source:ehangzhou.gov.cn

E-sports players are in the middle of a game. [Photo/zjol.com.cn]

A growing number of parents in Hangzhou are taking their children to e-sports clubs to see whether they have the potential to be professional players as e-sports has been confirmed as an event for the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022.

Results have shown that being a professional e-sports player is not as easy as people imagine. As one comment by a netizen read, "E-sports and playing computer games are two totally different things."

Xue Shiliang, a senior coach at Hangzhou's LGD Gaming, noted that it is absolutely wrong for people to say that as long as you spend enough time playing video games, you will surely become an e-sports professional.

Founded in 2009, LGD Gaming is one of China's oldest e-sports clubs.

Xue said that it generally takes examinees 40 minutes to go through a complete test before they can be told whether they are suitable to embark on an e-sports career.

Reaction ability, dynamic visual acuity, as well as hand, eye, and brain reactions are the focus of the test.

Xue said that only 1/10,000 of e-sports players can reach the professional level, citing a statistic that nearly 3/5,000 Chinese and South Korean League of Legends players aiming to be professional are able to achieve their goal.

"Just as in other fields, the e-sports industry is also cruel," Xue said. "You'd better not think about starting an e-sports career just because you do poorly in schools."

In Hangzhou, LGD Gaming will hold a training camp that will last about a month. Participants will experience a simulated professional career and see if they are fit for e-sports.

"By doing so, we hope to help teens abandon their addiction to computer games," said Xue.

Author:  Editor:Zhang Di