Another Two Sports Venues for Hangzhou Asian Games Events Are Decided!
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2021-04-19 15:29   Source:Hangzhou Release

Esports and breakdancing were listed as official events of Hangzhou Asian Games at the 39th General Congress of Olympic Council of Asia in December 2020. The venue for breakdancing has been decided following the Esports venue. Where is it? How’s it like? Come and have a look! Located at Shenhua section of Gongshu District, the Canal Asian Games Park includes a sport venue, where table tennis and breakdancing competitions will be held, and a stadium known as “Hangzhou Umbrella”, where hockey competitions will be held in 2022. The Esports venue is located at the lighthouse unit of Gongshu District, divided from Hangzhou Suntiandy by Shixiang Overpass.

Author:  Editor:Zhang Di