Art+ advances rural development in Tonglu
Hangzhou News   2021-03-23 14:25   Source:City Express

Xijinwu Art Village was officially open to the public yesterday in She-nation Ethnic Township,Hangzhou’s Tonglu with ethnic dance, to welcome artists from afar.

Along with the newly-built art village, nearly 100 artists at home and abroad will curate exhibitions in the art village, as well as 9 more villages in Eshan Mountain area, and have their artworks completed with the help of the nature.

Rural empowerment through art+ can drive change in the countryside, which also benefits rural tourism, believed by Lei Qidi, President of Tonglu Culture Sports and Tourism Bureau.

“With an array of collaborative practices with the artists, local residents will create their own arts.”Said Lei, “Art takes its root in the countryside. Crop fields, old houses can be converted into inspirational places to make art.”

The first stop of the exhibition tour will be held in Xijinwu Village from March 20 to the middle of the April. Stay tuned!

Author:Wu Yuehua  Editor:Zhang Di