Digitization in Zhejiang: Hangzhou builds virtual nursing home for the elderly
Hangzhou News   2021-03-19 14:17   Source:Tianmu News

What is the best solution for senior citizens who need nursing services but are not willing to move to nursing homes?

In Xihu district of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, a virtual nursing home system is developed to solve this dilemma.

In this system, health surveillance devices like smart mattress and video facilities offer 24-hour healthcare services to both the elderly and their children.

Elderly can call for emergency assistance by pressing the emergency button, and medical staff will offer necessary services on site. Their children can get real-time health condition of the elderly via their smart phones.

A resident surnamed Zhou is among the first group of seniors to receive services of the virtual nursing home.

Corresponding off-line medical service team monitors Zhou’s vital signs, checks her health condition every day via online video equipment and reminds her to take medicine on time. It can also keep track of her action and sleep quality through assistive devices such as smart mattress.

Pan Chunhui, deputy director of Civil Affairs Bureau of Xihu District, said that the district had offered virtual nursing home services to 64 households in 2020 and is about to add 88 more this year.

"Through several years of efforts, our ultimate goal is to enable the elderly to enjoy professional services at home," said Pan.

Author:Journalist Xu Yiwen  Editor:Zhang Di