Digitization in Zhejiang: intelligent system helps improve water quality
Hangzhou News   2021-03-08 15:08   Source:Tianmu News

Level of efficiency in monitoring and managing water environment tests a city's digital governance capability.

In Jiaxing city, Zhejiang province, a set of water quality-control intelligent system is developed to lift the city’s digital governance efficiency.

Integrating big data analysis, cloud platform computing and other modern digital methods, the system leverages the advantages of the Internet of Things and big data and realizes long-term mechanism for intelligent operation and maintenance.

With the help of technologies such as "sensors plus internet", the system performs river pollution source control and water quality monitoring, real-time grasp of changes in the water ecosystem and real-time sharing of data to the cloud, which provides strong support for a comprehensive monitoring and control of the water environment and water quality management.

Author:Reporter Chen Ting; Editor Zhang Xiaoyu  Editor:Zhang Di