How dose HZ welcome students back to school?
Hangzhou News   2021-03-03 15:18   Source:City Express

For some of you, yesterday was a mixture of sadness and relief. Because your kids are finally back to school.

How were your kids doing? Believe me, they were more excited than you have thought.

Let’s take a look at some of the snapshots.

In Caihe Middle School, students were divided into three groups, carefully transferring the Ping Pong balls from one to another using chopsticks.

The Super Imitation Show began in a minute. Students imitated as soon as the pink panther doll fell on the ground with strange postures. The whole class burst out laughing.

"That’s how students’anxiety was reduced, and how they felt more connected," said the principal of Caihe Middle School.

In Chongwen Lixiang Kindergarten, those little candidates were persuading others to vote for them. But why? They wanted to prove that they were responsible for taking care of the pets like rabbits and golden fish that belong to the school.

The candidate who gainedthe most votes wasallowed to keep the pets for two weeks.

“These little animalsteach children valuable life lessons like responsibility, trust,and being appreciative to parents,” explained the Principal.

In Xiayan Middle School, an open challenge was going on.

“Let’s see how much weight you’ve put on.”The principal was measuring each student’s weight and height. For those whose IBM are outside of a healthy percentile, the school would make personalized plans for them to lose excess body fat or gain more weight.

Caihe Experimental School and Jianlan Middle School invited special lecturers. They are the “role models”in each professional field like the policemen.

“Schools are putting more weight on the physical and mental development of a child, that’s a good thing,” a parent commented.

Author:  Editor:Zhang Di