HZ taxi driver gives granny free ride to hospital
Hangzhou News   2021-03-03 14:57   Source:City Express

Older persons' journeyto the hospital is often difficult, getting others to transport them to the hospital can be challenging.

But if they bump into someone like the taxi driver Tang, they are a lucky one.

On March 1, soon after the call ended, Mr. Tang grabbed his car keys and left without finishing the meal. On the other side of the phone, granny She, aged 90, feeling numb on her arms and urgently needing care.

Mr. Tang is a taxi driver. Besides providing ride services, he is one of the 600 volunteers from Hangzhou taxi care team. On that afternoon, Mr. Tang didn’t only give Granny She a free ride, but accompanied her in seeing a doctor.

“If you need help, call me anytime,”Granny She remembered those heartwarming words on Feb 21, when Mr. Tang drove her to the hospital for the first time. So she tried to call him once again on Feb 27, and for a third time on March 1. Each time it worked, and Mr. Tang magically appeared to give help.

“I couldn’t thank you enough,”said granny She to him.

Many like Granny She, whose children are working full-time, couldn’t get immediate aid visiting the hospital. And if in that case, try to call the Hangzhou taxi care team at 95128. You will be surprised at how quickly the volunteer drivers respond to your needs.

Author:  Editor:Zhang Di