Digitization in Zhejiang: smart system monitors garbage sorting
Hangzhou News   2021-03-03 14:39   Source:Tianmu News

A revolution toward garbage sorting is taking place in cities around East China's Zhejiang province, bringing up researches toward green development in urban areas.

In Yuhang district of Hangzhou, a smart monitoring platform launched in June, 2019, has been amplifying the advantage of digital governance.

In Lincheng Huayuan residence area of Yuhang, garbage classification is undergoing well. With only one disposal zone, more than 300 households are still doing the classification work in order. The order is brought by smart monitor system.

In Yuhang, each garbage bag is attached with a QR code. By scanning the code at smart checking zone, households will be given scores according to their level of garbage classification. The data will be uploaded to chief platform so that relevant officials can get real-time information of each residence area.

By now, Yuhang has set up 284 monitor zones for garbage classification and 102 cameras to look at corners that are out of human inspection. These measures highly improve tracing efficiency when problems are detected.

Data shows that registered population grew 200,000 in 2020 in Yuhang district, but the quantity of garbage decreased by 6.67 percent year-on-year and per capita garbage disposal dropped 11. 59 percent from 2019.

Author:Reporter Chen Ting, Jin Peng; Editor Yan Yiqi  Editor:Zhang Di