Meet CNY folk art in Hangzhou's Pingyao
Hangzhou News   2021-02-09 15:27   Source:City Express

Chinese New Year is the time when people embrace their inner child. Whether it’s to shadow elderlies to make a traditional dish or put up a paper cutting decoration, these activities bring joys despite the rapidly changing world. Chinese New Year speaks home, and the traditions are what connect people to their comforting places. Considered more people may remain in Hangzhou for the new year, the annual carnival of Chinese New Year brings customs and traditions from different parts of the country to create a celebration that reminds people of their homes.

Located at Yuhang District’s Pingyao Old Street Folk Arts Centre, the collection comprises more than 2,000 exhibits from Shandong, Tianjin, Henan, Fujian and more. As the third part of the Chinese New Year Cultural and Design Series Exhibition, the collection at Pingyao materializes the idea of a traditional festival celebration, through crafts passed from generation to generation. Viewers can expect to see crafts such as traditional pastry moulds, toys made of potter’s clay and animal figures sewed together to resemble Zodiac Signs.

“This collection encompasses folk art with five focus: concept, etiquette, utensil, entertainment and the aspect of giving back about Chinese New Year,” said the content director Jian Zhongwen at the Folk Arts Centre. To collect and study folk art unique to different regions, Jian and his colleague spent 8 years on research and field studies. He is very proud to say that exhibits in the collection have their stories and origin. “We hope to create an experience that reminds people of their hometown,” said Jian.

Additionally, people can join festive painting workshops and craft activities during the exhibition which runs from 10 AM - 4:30 PM daily starting from today until March 5. People can also purchase craft-making kits to use at home.

Last but not least, there will be a free screening every day at Pingyao movie theatre. Please use the official WeChat account of 余杭瓶窑老街 (Yuhang Pingyao Old Street) to select time slots and movies.

Author:  Editor:Zhang Di