Top 10 details that make HZ a better place to live
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The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life. Residents in Hangzhou have voted for 10 details in the city that make their lives better in the past year. We are going to share with you the top 10 selections after receiving 40,000 votes from residents.

USB charger outlet on buses

If you are a smartphone user, you must have experienced the horror of batteries running low on public transportations. The USB charger outlets on buses provide passengers with a quick and easy way to charge their phone during daily commutes.

Services for elevators inoldresidential communities afterinstallation

The service center serves as a one-stop place for inquiries, consultation, and conflict resolution in terms of the installation of new elevators in older residential communities.

The “muted rain canopy” for residential communities

Many have been complaining about the noise of raindrops and droplets from air-conditioning outside of their windows. The rain canopy made from a silent material solves this issue. It can also absorb noises from the water pipelines in densely populated residential communities.

Parking spots with a 20-minute time limit

According to the city's bylaw, tickets will be given to car parking in non-parking areas alongside the road. The 20-minute parking spot gives flexibility to individuals who are in a rush, so they don't have to find a parking lot.

No-parking zone

Another detail related to parking is the “no car zone” in Baoshu residential community. All cars need to be parked in a nearby designated parking lot, which relieves more space for kids playing in the neighborhood and emergency vehicles.

Yongjiu River Bridge

The 2.74-kilometer Yongjiu River is the longest river in Hangzhou’s Bingjiang District. The bridge connects people who work on the other side of the river and rely on Metro Line 6 for a long commute.

A cafeteria for seniors

In Hangzhou’s Xihu District, there is a cafeteria that serves meals for seniors living closely at an affordable price.

Smart interior design in a senior apartment

The model apartment at Wenhui Street, Xiacheng District demonstrates integration of technology with designs that cater to seniors who live by themselves at home. The design includes an emergency calling system and healthcare facilities.

Qiantang New District supportive housing program

Yunshanglanyuan is by far the largest supportive housing program in Hangzhou, hosting more than 4,918 households. More than homes, it creates a vibrant place for all, providing employment opportunities within the community.

Infrared pedestrian crossing

To ensure safe crossing for pedestrians, Suoqian County in Hangzhou's Xiaoshan has introduced an infrared crossing. This installation enables drivers to see pedestrians from far away even under deem lights.

Author:  Editor:Zhang Di