Tonglu combins new and traditional ways to send CNY wishes
Hangzhou News   2021-01-26 14:55   Source:

What is your way of celebrating the Spring Festival? Residents in Hangzhou's Tonglu County have stuck to both tradition and embraced technology. The couplets wrote by calligraphers brought a jubilant atmosphere to everyone’s home. Meanwhile, residents were busy sending their best wishes using videos.

On Jan 24, calligraphers from Tonglu County shared their handwritten character Fu (福) and couplets (春联) to everyone. Individuals will put both of them in the doorways to create a festive atmosphere since the phrases written on them means good luck and prosperity.

On the other side of the Centre, residents were busy recording their best wishes in the form of video, which can be distributed and sent to their friends and family.

Author:Zhou Yue  Editor:Zhang Di