Zhejiang University to introduce Asian Civilizations Research Center
Hangzhou News   2021-01-12 15:14   Source:City Express

The Asian Civilization Research Center at Zhejiang University is set to boost diversity, capacity and academic excellence in interdisciplinary Asian Studies.

On January 9, the first academic panel onAsian Civilizations and Mutual Learninginitiated a dialogue around theoretical debates and challenges faced in Asian Civilizations Research, setting a backdrop for the opening of the Asian Civilizations Research Center in Zhejiang University.

The Center will create six dimensions to guide the study and research in this subject. These include the cognition and mutation of languages, the evolution and preservation of cultural and historical relics, ancient classics and literature archives, the interpretation of literature, the heritage and innovation of cultural ideals and the integration and co-existence of ideas about civilizations.

“The shifting landscape of our future not only requires technological innovations but also needs to be fuelled by what truly connects us as humans - Culture and Civilization,” says Xu Jun, one of the top consultants of the center and a professor in the Faculty of Humanities at Zhejiang University, adding that the studies of language, literature and culture integrated with other subjects in humanities will form a more diverse picture of Asian Civilizations.

The establishment of the centre marks a crucial step toward building a community with a shared future of humanity, powered by mutual learning and exchanges in academia. Higher Education Institution plays a pivotal leadership role and serves as a platform for mutual learning such as hosting panels featuring key debates in Asian Civilizations and fostering students’ global mindsets to critically engage with diverse materials and worldviews.

In line with the University’s long-standing commitment to the strategic framework, the center will serve as an impetus to promote more research in humanities and social science. Zhejiang University, as a leading post-secondary institution, aims to strengthen and expand its effort in cultural exchange and academic excellence in the field of Asian Civilizations.

During the opening ceremony and the panel discussion, scholars from Fudan University, China Renmin University and Dongbei Normal University respectively shared their researches in topics covering the East Asia Sea Area as a Historical World, Pre-modern realities of East Asian countries, language and Asian Civilizations.

Author:  Editor:Zhang Di