Technology shed light to the blind lovers
Hangzhou News   2021-01-08 14:35   Source:City Express

“Everyone is entitled to a romantic relationship. Even if the couple can’t see each other, they can feel, via technology.”

As soon as the new year bell rings, Liu Yu, a young man from Wuhan packed his bag and came all the way from Wuhan to Hangzhou. They brought train tickets, papers for getting a marriage license, and a crutch because Liu is completely blind, these were everything he brought.

Like Liu, the bride Sun Wen is also also visually impaired, diagnosed three months after she was born.

Technology was what brought them together three years ago. Ever since Liu firstly knew Sun in an event, they’ve been talking via the internet with assistive technology devices purchased in that event.

It took courage to move their relationship from the virtual world to the real one. Besides the distance of 700 kilometers, the challenge will be multiple considering both of them are with vision impairment.

“Everyone grows up in hardship.”Liu is optimistic about their future. As professional blind masseurs, they plan to open a massage house equipped with smart technology.

Author:  Editor:张翟