'Star Parenting Certificate' project to be rolled out in HZ
Hangzhou News   2020-12-31 14:56   Source:City Express

Parenting is a natural thing to do, but being a good parent can be hard. How much would you rate yourself as a parent?

In 2017, Hangzhou was piloting the so-called “Star Parenting Certificate” platform in Shangcheng District, where parents would be scored, and certifications would be issued ranging from level one to five, with many of them still learn to get a one-star certificate.

In order to get a one-star certificate or even higher ones, parents will have to learn the respective courses such as “adequate communication with kids” and “youth psychological counseling” and get points required to enter the next stage.

The project aims to teach parents every necessary skill beyond intuitive parenting, with a more comprehensive rollout in the city.

By the end of this year, a total of 93 thousand parents have registered in the platform, over 42,000 among them have been certified with at least one star and 37,00 of them are well-qualified five-star parents.

Author:  Editor:Zhang Di