Meet this adolescent 'Spider-Woman' in HZ
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2020-12-30 15:25   Source:City Express

“That kid was climbing the wall like a ‘Spider-Woman’.”

In the recently concluded Hangzhou Youth Rock Climbing Competition in Jinyuan Middle School, Qi Ziyi, an eighth-grade girl won the first place in the speed race and difficulty race.

Limbs were sore, and skins were burning. At the beginner stage, Ziqi got her hands full of blisters each time she climbed.

She didn't allow those blisters time to heal before the new round of training, but instead, used bandage to relieve the pain.

Four years later, this pair of hands with calluses has helped Ziqi to win a roster of national and provincial climbing competitions.

“I have already removed high-sugar food from my diet plans to maintain a good weight, including the bubble tea,” said Ziqi, “And I would do 10 rounds of push-ups and pull-ups every day even during the pandemic.”

In Jinyuan Middle School where Ziqi studies, a bronze sculpture based on her has been erected to motivate students.

Author:  Editor:Zhang Di