Cross-Straits concert concluded in Hangzhou
Hangzhou News   2020-12-28 14:59   Source:City Express

A concert was succesfully held at Hangzhou Grand Theater on Dec 27, featuring a string ensemble composed of musicians and students from Yusheng Violin Art Center. Themed on “People on Both sides of the TaiwanStraitsare All ofoneFamily”, the warm afternoon brought together anaudienceof around 500 for an unforgettable musical feast.

The concert kicked off with the performance ofMendelssohn Piano Trio,engaging the audience into the world of art and music. The audience then traveled through time in the soothing notes of the most renowned and iconic violin pieces of all time,The Butterfly Lovers' Violin Concertofrom China, andCzardasfrom the West.

Taiwanese Folk Songs,Four Red Seasons,andCraving for the Spring Wind, performed by Taiwanese artist Huang Yusheng’s outstanding studentsresonated with Taiwanese people’s longing to return home.

The concert culminated with the songI love you, China, co-performed by Huang Xinhui, a young musician from Taiwan and music enthusiasts from Hangzhou.

Music plays a significant role in strengthening the emotional bond among people from both sides of the Taiwan Straits. It is hoped that through music, the Cross-Strait differences can be viewed by the young generation with a more inclusive and friendly mindset.

Author:  Editor:Zhang Di