Meng Jinghui’s new drama Fox Angel to premiere in HZ
Hangzhou News   2020-12-18 15:25   Source:City Express

Fox Angel, a monodrama directed by Meng Jinghui, China's highly influential and celebrated theatre director, will debut at Hangzhou Fengchao Theater on Jan 7. The monodrama stars Huang Xiangli, the main actress of Meng Jinghui Studio.

The story begins at night. Lulu, a woman dancer, meets a fox on the street. The fox then leads her to a bookstore called "Mona Lisa." A mysterious man in the store asks if he might offer Lulu a glass of wine. Lulu is surprised that the green goblet that the man holds is the one that always appears in her dreams. She is about to hold the glass when she suddenly arrives at the wedding ceremony of the fox. We have no real idea of what the next plot will bring.

Venue: Hangzhou Fengchao Theater

Time: 19:30, Jan 7/8/9/10/15/16/17, 2021

Ticket prices: 100/160/220/280/380 yuan

Author:  Editor:Zhang Di