Newborn mandarin ducklings in West Lake strolling across a "bridge"
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-04-25 15:35   Source:City Express


The first brood of mandarin ducklings this year are walking cross the "love bridge"

This year's first brood of mandarin ducklings in West Lake- the family of "Yingying" by name, made their debut in the lotus area to the north of Isolated Hill and east of Xiling Bridge at about 7:30am on 23 April. As their mother plunged into the West Lake, the little mandarin ducklings followed suit one after another to enjoy swimming around the lake. In order to facilitate waterbirds' livingand breeding, a "love bridge" has been built in the lotus area for young waterbirds to forage and play around.

Author:Reporter: Xia Yang; Photo by Jing Guang  Editor:Chen Junnan