Fodil Selmouni gets a glimpse of Hangzhou Asian Games sporting venues
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Fodil Selmouni is a French Canadian who has been living and working in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province for six years.

He recently visited the stadium and tennis center of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center where he was captivated by their designs as well as cutting-edge technologies.

"Entering the stadium reminded me of the Beijing 2008 Olympics. I was 15 years old then and had watched the opening and closing ceremonies in Canada. My love for China started from that moment," he said.

Selmouni also visited Zhang Ruihua, the project director of the tennis center. Zhang had stayed put during the Spring Festival holiday to ensure the timely completion of Asian Games sporting venues.

"The people working on the construction of the venues are incredible. I think they are the real heroes of the Asian Games," Selmouni said.

Author:  Editor:Wang Jian