Historic wetland bursts with color and beauty
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-01-06 13:42   Source:Shanghai Daily

Historic wetland bursts with color and beauty

At this time of the year, the undulating white reed flowers look like snowflakes shimmering in the wind at Xixi Wetland National Park. Sitting in a traditional Hangzhou-style gondola, people can hear only the sound of the oars paddling through the water. Now, visitors can enjoy this unique experience at Xixi park.

The 17th Snowy Reeds Festival is underway at the park and will last through January 3. It is considered a must-see attraction in Hangzhou.

Visitors are recommended to take a traditional boat at Zhoujia Village Dock to the Qiuxue Nunnery Dock through the wetland's rivers and streams.

Those who visit through this area can admire 24-hectare flowering reeds of three main species, namely, dilu (狄芦), luzhu (芦竹) and luwei (芦苇). On sunny days, their seed heads catch the golden color of the setting sun as they scatter in the breeze.

Author:  Editor:Wang Jian