Different fabulous towns in Hangzhou
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Welcome to HZ's Pingmen Town

Jinling Village in Pingmen Town, Chun'an County is an internet-famous spot to see the sea of clouds, which can be seen in about 200 days a year, in Qiandao Lake, and the scenes of clouds surging like the tide are extremely stunning. Stand on the observation platform. When clouds roll by, they seem to be right in front of your eyes and you can even catch one!

Chang’an Town-gorgeous heaven on the earth

The best place for hiking in Fuyang, Hangzhou must be Yong’an Mountain in Chang'an Town. It is a paradise for hiking enthusiasts with the most magnificent sea of clouds. The peaks in the distance appear indistinctly. Elegant and stylish, they are capped in clouds and look like a fairyland on earth.

In Yiqiao Town, Xiaoshan District, there is a place known as the "Little Huangshan." It is Siwu Ridge. Ascend to the top and stare into the distance. The sea of clouds floats about the mountain tips, rolling and undulating like a silk ribbon. It is a perfect spot to enjoy stunning views. Not only can you enjoy fresh air here, but you can also overlook Sanjiangkou which is very spectacular, when the sea of clouds dissipates.

In Huanghu Town, Yuhang District, there is a 700-meter-high mountain named Wangwei Mountain. The mountain road winding to the top has 65 treacherous bends. Therefore it is widely known as a great spot for driving and off-road enthusiasts. Dozens of meters higher than Moganshan, it offers amazing sea of clouds and beautiful views. If you climb up to the top in the early morning, you will be amazed to see the gathering and spreading of clouds. Here, you can easily set yourself in the middle of clouds and “step on” them. When clouds move, the rolling "sea" of undulating clouds seems to take you into a fairyland.

Author:  Editor:Wang Jian