Tracking Xi Jinping's footsteps to lead China's eco-civilization progress: Harmonious coexistence between people, nature
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2021-10-09 14:49   Source:CGTN

(CGTN) Exploring the relationship between people and nature is another important part of Xi's thought on ecological progress, which has always been highlighted on his inspection tours. 

During a tour of east China's Jiangsu Province last November, he urged efforts to blaze a new trail of green development that gives priority to ecology and stressed that more prominence should be given to protect the urban environment and ensure better quality of economic development and people's lives. 

Pursuing green and high quality development in urban planning and construction is always emphasized by Xi.  

"It is necessary to protect the West Lake and Xixi Wetland as a clear guide for the development and governance of Hangzhou, and coordinate the three spatial layouts of production, living and ecology, and create more experience in building a livable city where man and nature live in harmony, coexist and prosper," he said when inspecting Zhejiang Province last year. 

Author:  Editor:Wang Jian