Ripened pomegranates announced coming of autumn
Hangzhou News   2021-08-27 14:32   Source:City Express

“Autumn tiger” is a period of unseasonably heatwaves that occurs at the start of autumn, indicating that the hot weather comes back like a fierce tiger.

As the subtropical ridge is persisting through the lower reaches of the Yangtze Delta area, the hot weather in Hangzhou is still lingering around, with temperature of certain days soaring up high to 35 C and above. In the meanwhile, the city will see pockets of moderate and heavy rain in the afternoon.

This year’s "autumn tiger" is more "firece" than previous years and is predicted to last until the beginning of September.

Although Hangzhou sees no sign of a cool season, the pomegranate fruits have sensed it. The first batch of soft-seed pomegranates has already hit the market.

Unlike the regularly-seen ones, these soft-seed pomegranates ripen early and have a good storage ability. Currently they are sold at around 26yuan/kg.

Hailed as the “golden fruit in autumn” for being packed with various vitamins, pomegranates help to lower the blood pressure and also protect our cells.

Author:  Editor:Wang Jian