Fuchun River's tourism development
Hangzhou News   2021-07-13 15:15   Source:Hangzhou China

The strongest memory of Fuchun River is almost always associated with its top-of-the-line river harvest. Following the end of closed fishing season on the mainstream of Qiantang River, the 3rd Fuchun River Fishing Season Festival kicked off on July 7, holding out long-awaited river harvest to Hangzhou citizens.

This year’s Fishing Season Festival was hosted in Dongziguan Village, which is often referred to as the most beautiful relocated settlement that enjoys a rising popularity on the internet. At the festival, a variety of harvest-related activities were presented, including a short video competition themed Falling in Love with Dongziguan in 60 Seconds, a creative cooking competition bringing together chefs at the top of the tree, and the handout of 20,000-yuan worth of digital vouchers everyday which gourmets could spend on savoring the fresh harvest. With so many activities going on, visitors were able to experience the alluring aspects of living and dining as locals in Fuchun Mountain.

What stood out as the pinnacle among various activities was the ritual that marked the opening of the fishing season held on the afternoon of July 7, where fishermen released fry at the old pier as the final part of the ritual and those who were lucky to be on the spot were granted the privilege to be treated with the freshest river harvest.

In the summertime, street food carts will be rolled in place near the river in Dongziguan Village, serving river harvest, barbecue, crayfish, snacks and cold drinks. As July 7 this year coincided with Lesser Heat according to the system of 24 solar terms, a new food stand was set up to attract both citizens and visitors, with seasonal snacks including a local specialty made from wheat flour and weed juice.

As one of the many events hosted in Zhejiang Province to celebrate the Lesser Heat, Fuchun River Fishing Season Festival was meant to promote local fishing traditions, which over the long run will contribute to diversified regional economic development, driven by a thriving tourism industry.

Author:  Editor:Wang Jian