Seven Urban Mini-parks to be Built or Transformed in Gongshu
Hangzhou News   2021-07-05 15:57   Source:gongshu.gov.cn

Urban mini-parks, tree-lined, flower blossoming, clean and tidy, well facilitated, are the good places for outing and view appreciation, sports and leisure for the residents and also the happy backyard for people living in tall buildings. To build and transform 50 urban mini-parks has been one of the ten livelihood projects of Hangzhou in 2021. Among which, Gongshu is to finish 7 mini-parks.

There will be 2 parks to be newly built, associating with the Canal Culture. One is the Canal Cultural Park, located in the northeast side of Shixiang Road and the Grand Canal. The design will target Cultural Exchange and Music Experiment. Four season sight seeing platform with the integrative elements of both water view and flowers will enable it to perform the functions of art exhibition, cultural exchange and party shows. The architecture in the park will use interior lighting to enhance the sensory experiment of the Canal. The other is the Canal Scenery Belt(from Kangqiao Road to Cuanhang railway), designated to exhibit folk culture, including the construction of the Canal green belts, river bank stone walls, trails, corridors, renovation of Baoji Temple, facilities for leisure, a parking lot and a 400-meter long Japanese wisteria corridor.  

Five urban mini-parks, namely Jiexin park in Huanxi Road, Hangyang North park, Daguan Kepu park, Xiawan park and Jiexin park in Daguan Road are to be transformed due to the old and dilapidated facilities. Gognshu is to make good use of this change to enhance people’s sense of happiness and attainment by careful planning and meticulous management. Jiexin park in Huanxi Road is oriented to be a fine-art-like park with four seasonal flowers and more bench and lawn to the public; Hangyang North park will be a well-facilitated and multi-functional displaying park with more Chinese flowering crabapples and hydrangeas; Daguan Kepu park will be a park for taking a rest, strolling and performing activities as more feature spots are to be built.

So far, all the 7 mini-parks are under construction on schedule. We can expect the small green-lands amid the busy city, offering good places for taking a walk and idling away the time.  

Author:  Editor:Wang Jian