Panda Theme Park in Tonglu starts construction
Hangzhou News   2021-06-04 14:45   Source:City Express

Have you ever seen any panda in Hangzhou's Tonglu county? You will!

As a part of farming and tourism integration model area of Tonglu's Zhongshan village, apanda theme park will be built next year.

This model area is designed with one zone, two villages and four parks, forming an overall spatial layout that combines mountain scenery, village culture and intelligent park. It provides a chance for visitors to fully explore the local feature in this area.

It takes sports and leisure as its core and connects Longxi Village and Dashi Village together. Mountain style sightseeing zone will take blueberry and honey pear as the main line, along with the construction of panda theme park, panda theme hotel, blueberry intellectual creation park, art terrace, homestay tribe, honey pear industrial park.

Tourists can experience paraglider, enjoy a home stay, or visit parks in Longxi village. Children also get their activities here. Picking and tasting fresh fruits and vegetables will give them a taste of country life. In addition, they can also taste the honey pears at Dashi Village's honey pear production base and appreciate the art terraces.

The most anticipated panda theme park will start construction in June this year. Visitors will be able to meet the adorable pandas in the park next year!

Author:Fang Jingyi  Editor:Zhang Di