First sika deer of 2021 born in Liangzhu
Hangzhou News   2021-05-28 14:18   Source:Tianmu News

The Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu City welcomed its first newborn sika deer on May 27 of this year.

The newborn, assumed to be a female, is probably the first female sika deer born in the park. Since the mother deer is extremely sensitive after labor, gender of the newborn will not be confirmed immediately.

Both the mother and the newborn are in good health conditions.

Last year, the park had seen four newborns, all of them are males. This year's first newborn is very likely to become the first female one.

There are three more pregnant deer in the park now, with predicted due time in mid-June.  

It is noticeable that June is the peak season of labor for sika deer. Visitors should keep silent while visiting them.

Author:Reporter Chen Shu'an  Editor:Zhang Di