Go Appreciating Cherry Blossoms Together in Hangzhou
Hangzhou News   2021-03-23 14:33   Source:Urban Express

It is truly beautiful in the cherry blossom season in Hangzhou, while scenic areas with cherry trees are generally crowded with visitors, let alone the renowned Taiziwan Park and the place for Fish Viewing at the Flower Pond. Even Xinyi Block is full of people holding their cameras under the cherry tree, waiting for a rain of cherry blossoms. Thanks to readers for recommending the Sige Cherry Blossom Garden in Yuhang District, a place said to be near Liangzhu Center of Arts and planted with a large area of low and densely & neatly arranged cherry trees. More importantly, these trees have just entered the full-bloom period this week, turning the place into a world of pink flowers. When the spring wind blows, a rain of cherry blossoms may arise. 

Author:Reporter SONG Yun  Editor:Zhang Di