Another Place to Appreciate Cherry Blossoms in Hangzhou
Hangzhou News   2021-03-19 14:34   Source:Hangzhou.com.cn

Our reporter has learned that there is another cherry blossom boulevard in Hangzhou, which features prunus subhirtella (scientific name: Cerasus spachiana f. ascendens (Makino) H.Ohba). Meanwhile, many new varieties of cherry blossoms are planted in the city’s parks and greenbelts as well. Located along Fengqi Road (Xintang Road -- Qiutao Road), the boulevard is 900 meters long and lined with 90 trees of prunus subhirtella. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 40 varieties of cherry blossoms in the city’s greenbelts now, including over 20 early bloomers, over 10 midseason bloomers and over 10 late bloomers. Besides, new, good and special cherry varieties are projected to be further introduced and applied in a continuous way by the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Garden and Cultural Relics so as to enrich the landscape of flowering plants in Hangzhou’s green spaces, thereby making Hangzhou, “a city where residents take flower roads to work”, more gorgeous and distinctive and its people have more sense of happiness and gain.

Author:Reporter WANG Xiaoyu  Editor:Zhang Di