Purchase your flight prices at lowest prices now
Hangzhou News   2021-03-10 16:06   Source:City Express

As the hotel prices are dropping, and the weather is getting warmer, the air travelhas seen demand rise.

In the meantime, the average ticket price for a domestic flight is at its lowest level this month. They are expected to go down compared to 2020 prices.

The lowest price of a flight from Hangzhou to Kunming is 227, to Guilin is 215, to Chengdu is 342, and to Sanya is 540. All can be found at a reasonable price within the month.

Some companies are even running promotions with discounts, such as 5 percent discount for 2 seats and 8 for 3 seats.

Even though travel restrictions are less strict, the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International airport continues to implement infection control measures , such as asking all passengers to wear mask properly, demonstrating a green code, and taking body temperature before boarding.

Before March 15th, all air passengersare requiredto present a proof of a negative COVID-19 testedno more than 7days before their flightsdeparting for Beijing. International travelers are asked for a 21-day self-quarantine before visiting Bejing.

Author:  Editor:Zhang Di