Beautiful Zhejiang: Duanqiao Bridge in fog
Hangzhou News   2021-03-10 15:40   Source:Tianmu News

Hangzhou has been covered with heavy fog recently. The Duanqiao Bridge is hiding in the fog, looking more beautiful than usual.

Learn more about the Duanqiao Bridge:

Duanqiao Bridge Remnant Snow, one of the ten scenic spots on West Lake in Hangzhou, gets its name from the fact that on snowy winter days the bridge looks like it’s broken.

When the sun comes out after a snowfall, the snow on the arch thaws first, exposing the shining grey stone between the white snow-covered heads on each side, creating an illusion that the bridge has come apart and now just looms above the lake.

The bridge is believed to be one of the best spots to enjoy the view on West Lake. The folktale Madam White Snake, a love story between a snake spirit and a mortal man, also adds a romantic hue to the scenic spot.

Author:Reporter Wu Huang;Editor Hu Tianli  Editor:Zhang Di