43-meter-deep underground parking garage to serve residential communities
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2021-01-26 14:20   Source:Xinhua

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A district in East China's Hangzhou is exploring a new way to help residents in congested old communities to find a parking space.

At Jingfang residential community in Jianggan District, an underground parking garage is under construction.

The underground parking garage has three shafts, each of which is 43 meters deep, about the depth of 15 to 18 floors.

Wu Gang, technical director of the garage, said that it takes about 90 seconds on the average to bring a car out of the garage, and if the car is parked on the deepest floor, it will take about 2.5 minutes to retrieve it. Covering only about 180 square meters, the garage has a capacity of 144 cars.

"The reason for building a parking lot deep underground is to save space on the ground. If we build a parking lot on the ground, it will affect the lighting and ventilation of nearby buildings. It may also bring a lot more noise for nearby residents. Now as we build the garage underground, these problems will be better resolved," said Wu.

The garage is scheduled to open as early as August this year. Upon completion, it will be the deepest underground parking garage in Hangzhou.

Author:  Editor:Zhang Di