What to expect of the Hangzhou Cross Golden Street?
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2020-12-29 14:59   Source:City Express

Situated at the intersection of Minxin Road and Jiangjing Road in Qianjiang New Area, the very center of Hangzhou City, a new commercial street is expected to debut on Dec 30.

Before the long-expecting Hangzhou International Center is revealed in 2022, a beam of light will point into the night sky, 299 meters above the ground on Dec 30, 2020, in a way to welcome the Cross Golden Street, and celebrate the new sky-high landmark in the north side of Qiangtang River.

The street lighting corridor, consisting of 15 sets of well-designed Chinese character “金”(Gold)in combination with the endless flows of the Qiantang River, implies the booming economy of the city and an increase inconsumerspending at a blazing speed.

In order to help improve traffic safety, four illuminated zebra crosswalks have been installed at the intersection of Minxin Road and Jiangjin Road. They are glowing in sync with the traffic lights for the same colors, and are activated as soon as the night falls.

At night, the new Cross Golden Street will be synonymous with Hangzhou as the Champs Elysees with Paris, when all the color changing lights hiding in trees along the street are lit to form a glorious tunnel.

A giant transparent influencer studio, covering an area of 90 sq meters, will be set up on the street, where visitors will be exploring with the naked eyes on how influencers promote local brand products and Qiantang New Area to the world.Carrot-shaped cakes. Drive-in movies, photography activities featuring flowers… The Trendy Market will take you the very heart of the young generation’s world.

Satisfy your appetite on the Wujie Market, the epitome of Wujie Road in Singapore, and make sure you don’t miss the authentic Singaporean food Bak Kut The, Bobo Fish Balls, and Romoree Brand Bird Nest.

A window display will be revealed at the Minxin Road, to showcase each iconic landmark that tells a special story of its own, to all who like to know the history of Qiantang New Area.

The projected boats on the stunning optical-glass wall embarks on a journey from the beautiful West Lake to the Qiantang New Area, symbolizing the city striding forward from “the West Lake Era” into the “Qiantang River Era”.

Author:  Editor:Zhang Di