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'Maple Avenue' in Hangzhou goes viral
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/11/03 14:41  City Express

"How beautiful it is!" Recently, many Hangzhou residents sharedpictures of red maple taken in Xiasha on WeChat Moment. Dubbed "Maple Avenue", Xuelin Streetin Qiantang New Area, as the only maple-themed streetin Hangzhou,goes viral once again.

Every year in the late autumn, the Maple Avenue stands out in sharp contrast to the surrounding green streets.Maple tree branches are brittle, easy to break, and it is difficult to transplant, soit is rare to see a street of all maple trees in Hangzhou.

"Sincelast week, the maple leaves have started to turn red, and now they are almost all red. It's so beautiful!"said Jianghu Fei, a photography enthusiast living in Xiasha.

Located in Hangzhou Xiasha Higher Education Park,the street is also known as the "most beautiful campus road".

According to past experience, the best viewing period of this "Maple Tree Avenue" is from now till the end of November.

Author:CHEN Xinyi Editor:Zhang Di
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