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Welcome to 2020 Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/10/21 15:02  City Express

In the golden autumn, the osmanthus blossoms and Hangzhou will usher in the most beautiful annual festival - "Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival”.

The "2020 Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival" activity is co-sponsored by the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism and the People's Government of Shangcheng District. During the activity of nearly one month, the Beishan Qipao Picture, "Hangzhou Qipao" Global Collection and "Cloud Exhibition" activity, "Hangzhou Qipao Fairy" show, "Qipao's Ode to Hometown" activity, Qinghefang "Qipao" Night and a series of rich and colorful activities will be launched successively to create a platform for the integration of tourism and traditional culture, modern fashion, cultural and creative technology and other related industries, polish Hangzhou's golden card of cultural and tourism integration, improve people's night consumption experience and manifest the charm of "intoxicating Jiangnan-style, the most humanistic and the most artistic" city.

Tell the Story of Qipao Interpret the Beishan Picture

Beishan Street, known as the "Fenceless Museum" by the West Lake, gathers a group of simple and elegant modern buildings, such as the West Lake Expo Museum and Baoqing Villa, which are telling the story of an era and also an excellent stage for displaying Qipao.

From October 15th to 16th, the sponsors and the Public News Channel of Zhejiang TV Station will jointly launch the "Qipao Stories Collection" activity. Qipao fans can call the hotline 0571-88909090 to sign up. The sponsors will select and publish some appealing Qipao stories.

On October 16, "Beishan Qipao Photo-Shooting Tour", the opening ceremony of the "2020 Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival", will be unveiled on Beishan Road, including the themed shootings of "Blossom Age", "International Fashion", "Family Reunion" and "Time-Honored Charm". Sun Wufei's team, who have photographed celebrities such as Ma Yun and Feng Gensheng, and Uncle Gun's team, the celebrity photographers team for Street-Shooting with tens of millions of online fans, will participate in the activity and help present a beautiful picture of Beishan.

Explore Historical Footprints, Start "Qipao" Journeys

During this "Qipao Festival", the sponsors will cooperate with China Travel Service Zhejiang Group Co., Ltd. and specially launch four themed routes of "Qipao" Journeys, including Beishan Picture, West Lake Dreaming, Lakeside Alley, and Gushan Time. Cultural and historical experts are invited to lead the team to interpret the historical sites of West Lake with Qipao as the clue, so that tourists could explore the city's cultural heritage depositing in the streets and alleys.

From October 16th to November 11th, the activity will also cooperate with shops along Beishan Street such as the Lou Wai Lou and Wensli Silk to launch cultural and tourism products and allow Qipao fans to enjoy the charming Qipao culture and Beishan scenery. The two western buildings of The New Hotel are in the popular Baroque style for commercial buildings during the period of the Republic of China. Historical celebrities including Hu Shi, Lu Xun, American philosopher John Dewey, Japanese literary giant Akutagawa Ryunosuke once stayed here. In 1929, guests of the first West Lake Expo also visited these buildings. Here, you can listen to the "Uncle Chen Storytelling", "Old Zhong Talks about Beishan", the histories and stories of old foreign-style houses, Beishan Road and Qipao and then be longing for more. In the afternoon, you can also invite your friends to dress in Qipa, have an afternoon tea and dessert with the style of the Republic of China, and have a happy experience. You can follow the public account "Xun Cheng Zhi Nan (A Guide to City)" to make reservations.

Enjoy the Consumption Contribute to the Economy

This year, the "2020 Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival" Promotion Activity will deeply integrate Wushan, Canal and other key business districts to radiate all districts, counties (cities) of Hangzhou, organize merchants to launch special discounts and interactive experience, so that the beautiful city, beautiful town and beautiful countryside will be beaded into a chain, jointly creating a festive atmosphere. On October 23, scenic spots such as Xixi Wetland, Liangzhu Ancient City Ruins Park, Cirque du Soleil, Jingshan Flower Sea, Tianmu Mountain, Dalong Bay in Western Zhejiang, The source of Taihu Lake, Oriental Culture Park especially will launch the "Free Admission for You in Qipao" activities, and some of the activities will be prolonged until October 25. For details, please check the Alipay page of "Hangzhou Travel Passport".

From October 23rd to 25th, ladies in Qipao can enjoy a 50% discount on the ticket price to view the large-scale scenery performance named "Enduring Memories of Hangzhou". Additionally, many restaurants in Qinghefang will offer 22%-10% discount activities. Intime will specially launch the "Promotions for You in Qipao". Intime's digital members who are wearing Qipao and visit the store can immediately have a discount of RMB 50 for some goods in some counters and enjoy a 10% discount for some catering; Intime 365 members who are wearing Qipao and visit the shop can enjoy a 10% discount as well as RMB 50 discount in some counters and enjoy a 20% discount for some catering. Intime Department Store in West Lake will give an exquisite gift of LANEIGE and cuicui to the guests.

In addition, Fliggy and Xiaohongshu will launch "Qipao Festival" customized cultural and tourism experience and top products, leveraging Ali's "Double Eleven" to boost cultural and tourism consumption.

Author: Editor:Zhang Di
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