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Fengshouhu Park to Open in June
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/05/21 16:31  City Express

Fengshouhu Park(丰收湖公园) is expected to open next month. The park, covering an area of 33.77 acres(205mu), is to be built as the city's central lake-landscape park integrated with technology, flowering scenery and the seawall heritage. 

The Qianjiang Smart City aims to build the Fengshouhu sector around Fengshouhu Lake as a scientific innovation base, digital industry highland, and Zhejiang enterprise headquarters cluster. A conference and exhibition center, a large-scale commercial complex, an industrial headquarter gathering place, and a high-end residential area are expected to be constructed here. 

In the future, the section will be shaped as “one island and one city, one center and two axes, two areas and three communities.”

One island and one city: an international sci-tech innovation island will be built around the park as the industrial core and act as the subjectivity function of the Hangzhou Bay economic area smart manufacture sci-tech innovation center. The fashion industry and intelligent manufacture industry promotion platform will be built around the island. 

One center and two axes refer to the Fengshouhu Lake landscape and the two city development axes of Hanghai Road and Jiuqiao Road. 

The “two areas and three communities” include the island industry-city cohesive development area, future-development area and three residential areas.

Author:Jin Yingying Editor:Wang Yueyun
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