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Unmissable Celebrity Spots in Xihu District
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/05/21 16:25  City Express

On May 19, the Ten Most Prevalent Spots in Xihu District were released. Now check out these celebrity sites with us!  

The most solitary tree at Shuangling Village

Location: Shuangling Village, Shuangpu Town

Hailed as “the most solitary tree,” the tree is growing at the tea garden of Shuangling Village. You can take photos of the tree when twilight is falling, or the fog is undisturbed in the morning.

Real “Monument Valley” Xiangshan Art Commune(象山艺术公社)

Location: the northeast of the intersection of G320 and Huanshan Road

Designed by the China Academy of Art, the park is regarded as the real “Monument Valley.”

Monet’s Garden

Location: the north gate of Xixi Wetland

The flower field of Xixi Wetland National Park shows you are immersed in the oil painting by Monet.

Sheep prairie at Qingfeng Shanfang

Location: No.468, Lingshan Village

A cluster of sheep and tents are scattered at the lawn.

Little Iceland at Phoenix Intl’ Innovation Industry Park

Location: No.643, Shuangliu Road, Zhuantang Subdistrict

The “Little Iceland” goes viral as a magic photos shooting spot. The overall cold tone in the image is easy to find in cloudy days.

CAA Xiangshan Campus

Location: No.352, Xiangshan Village, Zhuantang Subdistrict

Walking through the campus as if you are in the labyrinth, you will encounter different styles of architectures.

Yunqi Town

Location:Yunqi Town International Conference and Exhibition Center, No.1 Heshan Road

The unique roof of the center is the best choice to take aerial photos! 

Ladder to the sky: Crystal Theater at Zhejiang University of Science and Technology

Location: Xiaoheshan Campus of Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, No.318, Liuhe Road

The Wizard of Oz: Dongxi Hechuang Park(东信和创园)

Location: No.139, Liuhe Road

The park was rebuilt from an old factory.

Birch forest Handcraft Park

Location: No.38, Fuji Bay, Zhuantang Subdistrict

You can experience handcraft in the park hidden in the tea mountain.

Author:Jin Yingying Editor:王玥云
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