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Hangzhou's Liangzhu Archaeological Site Offers Free Admission to Citizens
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/05/14 17:21  City Express

From May 19, the Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu City in Hangzhou will start to offer free admission to Hangzhou citizens.

Besides, new ticket-selling regulation takes effect at the same time. Visitors can choose different ways of touring, including sightseeing minibus, cycling, or viewing on foot. The new ticket booking system has come online on May 14, and visitors can make reservations for a visit from May 19.

Ticket prices:

Regular ticket: 60 yuan per person (including a sightseeing minibus tour)

Discounted ticket: 30yuan (for children aged between 6-18 or of a height between 1.2-1.5m; for undergraduate students and their juniors; for the elderly aged between 60–70)

Free admission: for children aged 6 and younger or shorter than 1.2m; for Hangzhou citizens; for seniors aged 70 and older; for veterans, or active servicemen, the dependents of martyrs, and the dependants of those servicemen who sacrificed in action or died of disease for the disabled; for teachers with more than 30 years of teaching; for blood donation certificate holders in Zhejiang

Tickets for sightseeing minibus:

20 yuan per person for the whole tour in the park

10 yuan per person for a ride

800 yuan for four-hour chartered bus service

Guide service

Service in Chinese: 180 yuan for three hours (for groups of no more than 10 visitors); 300 yuan for three hours (for the team with 11 to 50 visitors).

Service in English: 230 yuan for three hours (for groups of no more than 10 visitors); 400 yuan for three hours (for teams with 11 to 50 visitors).

Audio guide device

If you need an audio guide, it is 20 yuan for renting a machine, with a 200 yuan deposit.

Daily visitors are limited to 3,000 to better protect the site. Visitors need to show their valid ID. Visitors need to show their ID cards or citizen cards to get discounted tickets. Hangzhou citizens need their citizen cards as well as ID cards to get free admission.

Visitors can get a refund for the ticket before the day of visiting. People who have claimed refund three times will not be allowed to make an appointment at the park in 90 days. Visitors with three no-shows at their reservations will not be allowed to make any admission appointment to the park in 90 days.

Author:Jin Yingying Editor:Wang Yueyun
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