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An Invitation from Roses at Fuyang’s Lingqiao Town
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/04/30 15:51  City Express

What a grand view! Featurnig hundreds of species from around the world, over 10 million roses in various colors on 500,000 plants are in full bloom at Waisha Village(外沙村), Lingqiao Town(灵桥镇) of Hangzhou’s Fuyang District.

As a part of this year's event of“ Residing in Fucun Resort and Savoring Cusine from Mountain Area (富春山居·味道山乡)”, a gala of Lingqiao Roses was unveiled on April 28.

The representatives from Da’anding Group(大安顶组团) consisting of Lingqiao Town, Chunjiang Subdistrict, Yushan Village, Lishan Town, and Dayuan Town extended their invitaion to tourists at the opening ceremony, during which a hand-painted tourism map of Lingqiao Town was released.

A unique rose marriage ceremony was held for six couples to celebrate their gold wedding anniversaries.

A bunch of contracts on cultural and creative indsutry were signed on the spot, and a livestream event was also launched to demonstrate the picturesque rose garden as well as the recreational activities there, including tasting the rose tea and rose cake ,applying rose essential oil, to name just a few.

The Waisha Rose Garden, covering an area of 57.66 acres(350 mu), is a comprehensive agricultural sightseeing project with functions of entertainment, sports, leisure and resort. The entire blossom period of the roses will be continued until late May.

Author:Jin Yingying Editor:Wang Yueyun
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