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8 Great Places to Fly a Kite Around Qiantang New Area
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/04/14 15:12  City Express

Feel a breeze outside? A classic outdoor pastime for kids in the spring of Hangzhou is literally flying a Kite. Eight parks in Hangzhou's Qiantang New Area will be ideal places for the entire family to enjoy the fun activity.

1. The Jinsha Lake Park (金沙湖公园) 

The Jinsha Lake Park is a popular place for people going for a spring outing. Clean water, golden beach, palm trees, hiking trails and romantic cherry blossoms, the park is one of the kite hotspots.

2. QianTang Eco-park (钱塘生态公园)

The site has a wetland garden with lush grass and trees, the terraced landscape and a stretch of green lawn. The children's play area, fitness area, and running area are fully equipped around the park, which is also a good place for recreation.

3. West Higher Education Zone Park (高教西公园)

The spot features trees, flowers fields, and a large carpet of green grass, where families bring kites and picnics and catch the breeze together.

4. The Riverside Lawn (沿江草坪)

With a river view and an open field, the lawn alongside the Qiantang River is the best place in the city to catch some wind and fly a kite. Taking a nap on the lawn on a clear, breezy day is also enjoyable.

5. Butterfly Valley Eco-park (蝴蝶谷生态公园)

Covering about 10 acres, the Butterfly Valley Eco-park on Qianjin Street is where families can head to the wide grassy field to spend weekends and holidays.

6. The Landscape Corridor at Shengling Bay (盛陵湾景观长廊)

The 2,720-meter greenway was newly built along the landscape Corridor at Shengling Bay. It is the perfect place to fly kites and take a walk.

7. The Lawn at East Linjiang Subdistrict Office (临江街道办事处东面草坪)

The east side of the Linjiang Subdistrict Office has a vast lawn, which is an ideal playground for children.  

8. Hezhuang City Square/Yipeng Central Square (河庄城市广场/义蓬中心广场)

There's a large grassy knoll to fly your kites in Hezhuang City Square or YiPeng Central Square. Have your phone ready – that shot of your kid flying a kite at there is sure to be frame-worthy.

Author:Lu Xiao Editor:Wang Yueyun
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