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Come and Enjoy Blooming Azaleas in Yuhang District
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/04/08 15:52  City Express

Azaleas are now in full bloom in Hangzhou's Yuhang District. Here's a guide to track the picturesque scenery!

Pingtiantang(平天堂), the Shijing Mountain, Baizhang Town

The Pingtiantang, of over 800 meters in altitude, is linked to Baizhang Town and Luniao Town. Nearly 0.7 square kilometers of wild azaleas are now flourishing at Pingtiantang's ancient path.

The Luniao Mountain, Luniao Town

The Luniao Mountain is located at the junction of Hangzhou's Yuhang District and Huzhou's Anji County. The azaleas are now blooming on the mountaintop of the Luniao Mountain.

The Yaotou Mountain, Luniao Town

The Yaotou Mountain, located in the Shangougou Village of Luniao Town, is the highest peak in the urban district of Hangzhou city. The wild azaleas, wisteria, and camellias are all blooming on the mountain.

Linping Park

Over 300 species of azaleas have flowered and are in full bloom in the azalea garden on the hillside of the Linping Mountain.

All the above scenic spots are opened with free admission.

Author:Jin Yingying Editor:Wang Yueyun
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