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Hangzhou's annual cultural & creative carnival kicks off today
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2019/09/20 14:33  City Express

The 13th Hangzhou Cultural and Creative Industry Expo commences today. Organized by the Hangzhou Municipal Government, it will last until September 23 at the White Horse Lake International Convention and Exhibition Centre, and three satellite venues in the city.

With the theme of Innovative City Linking to the World, this year’s expo sets up eight exhibitions covering a total 70,000 square meters at the main venue. The exhibitions are categorized and displayed according to their themes, namely, international and cultural, Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan, creative life, Belt and Road initiatives, innovative designs, creative neo-agriculture, cross-strait cultural and creative life, and the market of creative industry.

The Belt and Road Ingenuity Horizon exhibition is displayed on the 2nd floor of Building B. Organized by the City Express, it appeals the exhibitors from over 20 countries.

Russian carving artist Nikita Sthukov is displaying the traditional Russian art works at his booth.

In his eyes, handmade birch bark containers, Dymkovo toys, and lacquer boxes are the typical Russian items that are culturally representative. He even thinks that they are more Russian than the well-known nesting dolls, which are said first made in Japan.

"People in rural Russia still use birch bark containers in their daily life. Firm and durable, they are good for keeping dry food like rice, flour, and tea. It takes time for craftsmen to make one since June is the only month in a year that the bark can be easily peeled away from the tree."

This is his second year coming to the Expo. "Last year I was crowded around by so many people who kept asking me questions about Russia."

Nikita can speak very good Chinese as he used to study Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing and had lived in China for ten years. He comes to the expo to help promoting Russian Cultural stuff, while seeking for of the valuable traditional Chinese art works. He said he would love to come back again next year.

Jarosław Koźmiański is a Polish jewelry designer now living in Gdańsk, the so-called world amber capital. He designs with a unique style. After being invited to the expo, Koźmiański has designed a series of jewelry for the event. "It took me quite a long time to find suitable materials. My initial inspiration was from the birds in Chinese paintings."

Polish perfume maker and dealer Jakub Kolodynski showed us two types of perfume compounded by him and his wife. Made from natural amber, it has a full of amber aroma. Jakub has lived in China for several years and has attended the Expo for six consecutive years.

"It does not only provide chances for us foreigners to show the ordinary culture and creative products from our country, but also offers a stage for the local enterprises and studios. It is quite an inclusive event," said Jakub.

The former Diplomat of Mali in China, Professor Yoro Diallo is now the executive director of the Institute of African Studies and the dean of the African Museum at Zhejiang Normal University in Jinhua. One of the first-timers to the expo, he cannot wait to showcase the glorious African culture to the visitors with nearly 100 pieces of artwork from his hometown.

"These authentic works of mask, sculpture, and painting are all made in Africa and are collected by the African Museum at Zhejiang Normal University. Every item is unique and special. After the exhibition, they will be sent back to the museum."

Here come the highlights of this year's expo:    

70--the special code

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, a fine art exhibition is launched at the main venue. Thirty state-level craftsmen are invited to bring more than 70 pieces of art work to the exhibition. Seventy "Ruifu New Seals" from the Xiling Seal Engravers’ Society will be presented for the first time.

Ever more internationalized

More than half of the exhibition booths are run by over 400 overseas cultural and creative institutions and enterprises from 53 countries and regions.

Italy won the bid to manage the National Theme Pavilion. Last year, the UK as the first country to run this booth, brought about 130 cultural & creative English brands with more than 1,000 products.

Creative Neo-agriculture Exhibition debuts

The Creative Neo-agriculture Exhibition Area makes its debut at the expo, focusing on the display of various cultural and creative products from Fuyang, Lin'an, Chun'an, Jiande, Tonglu, as well as its contribution to village revival.

Continue to release industry index

This year's expo continues to invite experts and scholars from some well-known universities and institutes home and abroad to jointly hold more than 20 key forums and professional index release activities such as "Hangzhou Digital Content Industry and Fashion Industry Development Index" to further enrich the brand connotation of the Cultural &Creative Industry Expo.

How to get a ticket

The ticket to the Expo is priced 30 yuan. You may book online in various ways, among others, the WeChat public accounts, WeChat mini program, or Alipay Life Service of Cultural and Creative Industry Expo (杭州文博会), etc. Buying tickets with cash at the gate is also available. Children under 120 centimeters tall and seniors aged 70 and/or above can enter for free!

Author:Li Zheng, Jin Yingying Editor:Wang Yueyun
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