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Georgia's 'Macbeth' to Stun Audiance in Hangzhou
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2019/08/01 16:17  Xixi

Xixi(西戏)'s must-see drama of 2019, Macbeth, will hit Hangzhou Theatre on Sept.28th and 29th. In addition to the official ticket purchase channel that has already started pre-selling, Hangzhou citizens can participate in the "Search for Macbeth" activity to win free tickets.

All the time, domestic and foreign media have spared no expense in praising Macbeth. 

The BBC said, "It's probably never drawn a more beautiful portrait of a broken, greedy heart than the bloody heart of Macbeth."

"The scenes and dialogues in Macbeth are full of dark poetry and metaphor, and this charm has continued to this day and has been repeated in popular culture through House of Cards and Sleep No More," said Wei Xidi(卫西谛), a film critic in China.

Macbeth, from Tbilisi State Theatre in Georgia, has been the "guest of honor" of various famous art festivals in the world since its birth. It has toured over ten countries and will come to China again after a four-year-absence from audiences. 

With its excellent director, wonderful performance and fantastic choreography, Tbilisi State Theatre's Macbeth have won ten awards including best performance, best director, best actress, best actor, best scenery, best costume design, best original music, best lighting design, and the most popular drama among audiences. Moreover, it was selected for the 6th Olympic Arts Festival in 2014 and became the dark horse show of the year.

The official ticket purchase channel for the play is now open. Hangzhou citizens can also take part in the "search for Macbeth" activity, seeking 2 of the 100 Shakespeare tabloids with the hand-painted crown logo in designated cafes in Hangzhou.

Author:Wang Xuebin Editor:Wang Yueyun
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