Hangzhou-Wenzhou Intercity CRHCan beExpected to Run, and the Journet may be Shortened to One Hour
Hangzhou News   2014-01-22 18:41   Source:City Express

    Fang Yongjun, representative of People's Congress of Zhejiang Province, and Director of Wenzhou City DevelopmentReform Commission, proposed to start the construction of Hangzhou-Wenzhou Intercity CRH.

    This line of CRH has been included in the " Twelfth Five-Year Plan" of Zhejiang Province. In the Outline Plan, it is clearly stated that "to carry out pre-project studies Hangzhou-Taizhou-Wenzhou, Hangzhou-Wenzhou Railway in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan Period( 2011-2015 ) ."

    Fang Yongjun said in an interview last night thatthe construction of Hangzhou-Wenzhou Intercity CRHcan beexpected during Thirteenth-five Year Plan( 2016-2020 ) .

    Currently, there are two proposals on the lines of Hangzhou-Wenzhou Intercity CRH, which has already been mentioned in the "Zhejiang Railway Network Plan ( 2011-2030 )" issued by Zhejiang provincial Development and Reform Commission on August 10, 2012.

    " Planning and construction of Hangzhou - Taizhou - Wenzhou ( along the three lines ) or Hangzhou-Wenzhou ( along Zhuyong Highway ) intercity CRH, so as to buildintercity channel from Hangzhou direct radiation to Wenzhou and Taizhou metropolitan circles."

Author:Luo Chuanda and picture by Gao Wei  Editor:沈涛