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Hangzhou hospital launches intl medical clinic
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2018/11/12 15:21  ehangzhou.gov.cn

The international medical clinic of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University officially opens in Zhejiang Overseas High-level Talents Innovation Park, Yuhang district, Hangzhou, on Nov 6. [Photo/hangzhou.com.cn]

The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University (FAHZU) recently launched an international medical clinic in Zhejiang Overseas High-level Talents Innovation Park, Yuhang district, Hangzhou, on Nov 6.

Equipped with first-class CT, ultrasound and radiological equipment, the clinic is designed to meet the basic medical needs of high-level talents in the park by using a combination of the technical strengths and medical personnel of FAHZU as well as international medical management systems.

Patients can see the doctor by making an appointment in advance and will be served by a doctor and nursing staff during treatment. 

Though Yuhang district enjoys a competitive edge in preferential policies for startup companies, the medical facilities are underdeveloped, said Lu Qiaozhi, an overseas returnee, adding that the clinic will prove convenient as foreign patients can pay directly through the their international medical insurance.

The medical clinic is aimed at providing high-quality services for foreign patients and raising the profile and influence of FAHZU in medical services, according to Wang Weilin, president of FAHZU.

As an innovation and venture platform for overseas high-level talents, the innovation park has introduced 674 overseas projects and over 2,600 high-caliber professionals so far.

Author: Editor:Dong Lixue
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