Hangzhou Holds Special Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program for Foreigners for the First Time

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Emblem of Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Was Released Last Night
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2018/08/07 15:33  Urban Express

Emblem ofAsian Games Hangzhou 2022 was unveiled at 20:00 last night. The main graphic of “Tidal Bore”, the name of the emblem, consists of fan, Qiantang River, tidal bore, track, Internet, and sun, the symbol of Olympic Council of Asia. Below the main graphic is the seal of host city and year.

Hangzhou, as the host city of next Asian Games, will accept the flag at the closing ceremony of the 18th Asian Games Djakarta 2018 on 2nd September. The Asian Games will then shift to Hangzhou channel formally.


Author:Reporter  YIN Peiqin  SHEN Zhijun Editor:Dong Lixue
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