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Fuxing Bridge listed in the "New China's top 100 classical elite projects"
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2009/11/06 16:37  Source:www.hangzhou.com

Birdview picture of Fuxing Bridge

unsupported cable system

Cross-beam lifting post for 85 meters' length

"New China's top 100 classical elite projects" granted by China Construction Industry Association and the 11 building Associations were released in Beijing on October 29. Hangzhou Fuxing Bridge was listed on it, together with Beijing's Tiananmen Square, the Bird's Nest and other projects. Yesterday afternoon, the construction units and workers side returned to Hangzhou with honor.

The selected works include public buildings, roads, railways, water conservancy, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and coal industry. Tiananmen Square complex (including the Tiananmen Square, the Great Hall, National Museum, Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao, the Monument to People's Heroes), China's manned space launch site, Yunnan Lubuge Hydropower Station, Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the National Stadium (Bird's Nest), etc. There were 100 projects selected.

Author:Wu Kan Editor:Xu Danyu
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