Apsara Conference: Event in China's Hangzhou highlights transformative power of Cloud Computing, AI
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2023-11-03 16:07   Source: CGTN

Tech experts, entrepreneurs, developers and technology enthusiasts from across the globe have gathered in Yunqi, a town in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou for the 2023 Apsara Conference. This year's gathering highlights the power of Cloud Computing in driving change. Cao Bing reports from Hangzhou. 

The annual gathering of developers is here. The fifteenth Apsara Conference in Hangzhou has drawn 80-thousand participants from 44 countries and regions.

This year, the conference shines a light on the key role of Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence in driving stronger computing power.

Joseph Tsai, Chairman of Alibaba Group, China's largest tech firm specializing in e-commerce, retail, the internet and technology, says the company's cloud platform is carrying out wide-ranging technological upgrading and innovation for the AI era.

JOSEPH TSAI, Chairman, Alibaba group "We founded Alibaba Cloud in 2009, and since then we firmly believe that openness of the cloud is very important because there'll be no ecosystem without openness, and there will be no future without an ecosystem. At the same time, we've been keeping up with cutting edge technology, because it's the basis of opening up. At present, 80-percent of China's technology companies, and half of the large model companies, are running on Alibaba Cloud. We hope this cloud will make it easier for people to develop and use AI."

In a parallel development, the core system of the Hangzhou Asian Games, which concluded in October, was entirely operated on the cloud, marking a first in the competition's history.

ZHANG GE, Executive Director-in-Charge of the IT Command Center, The Asian Games Hangzhou "The Hangzhou Asian Games has created the first full-coverage digital service system in history, with 'one screen and three terminals'. The screen is a series of digital command platforms belonging to the Main Operation Center, connecting three mobile terminals for users in the organization, as well as athletes and spectators. Through this system, the command and dispatch efficiency of the Hangzhou Asian Games has been improved. At the opening ceremony, 70-thousand people at the Big Lotus Stadium were dispatched in only 40-minutes, demonstrating the refined level of Hangzhou's urban management."

Throughout the conference, nearly 160 new products and solutions will be unveiled, and over 3-thousand technologies and products will be exhibited by nearly 240 cloud computing industry enterprises.

CAO BING, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province "More communications and exchanges will be held in the following two days with forums covering a variety of topics. The Apsara conference aims that, the internet can become the new infrastructure, and can finally help solve problem in people's everyday lives through the power of AI and computing in the future. Cao Bing, CGTN, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province."

Author:   Editor: Ye Lijiao