First Northern Recuperation Route to Garze Opened
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2023-07-07 11:43   Source: Hangzhou China

A total of 90 model workers from Fuyang District recently returned to Hangzhou after finishing a trip to Dege County, Sichuan Province. This marked Hangzhou's first recuperation group to Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture after the northern route to Garze was opened up. 

Dege County in June is quite beautiful, with clouds hanging on the mountaintops, herds of yaks foraging on the grassland, and eagles circling high up in the sky. The recuperation group visited Yulong Lacuo (Jade represents the heart, dragon the tip, and Lacuo the divine lake) Yaoquan Town, Dege Parkhang (Dege Sutra-Printing House), Suihu Tibetan Medicine Exhibition Center, and Kangba Culture Exposition Park, etc.

Fuyang District assisted Dege County, the birthplace of Kangba culture and the hometown of King Gesar, in poverty alleviation. Dege boasts rich tourism resources. Previously, the recuperation routes from Hangzhou to Garze mainly collected in Luding, Kangding, Batang and other southern counties and districts with relatively low altitude, while Dege and other counties in northern remote Garze, due to high altitude, had no travel route. "With the joint efforts of Fuyang and Dege, we overcame tremendous difficulties and opened up the first northern route for recuperation and welcomed the first group of visitors." According to head of Zhejiang Garze Work Team, Dege Branch, they had prepared oxygen equipment and anti-altitude sickness drugs for every tourist, and coordinated with local hospitals to provide medical support all the time.

The northern route passes through Chengdu, Kangding, Garze, Dege, etc., which involves Kuanzhai Alley, Luding Bridge, city state of King Gesar, and Dege Parkhang and other scenic spots. In the future, more people from Fuyang would travel along this six-day route to feel the charm of the Garze.

Author:   Editor: Ye Lijiao